Buffacold: Rapper Zay Weeks releases project, “Dec. 3075”

 BUFFACOLD: Many times the glitz and glamour of the “Big Apple” overshadows the efforts of surrounding communities. As someone who has roots in New York City and just eight hours north in the tundra- like confines of Buffalo, NY,  I find myself discovering an interesting parallel between my two worlds. Both regions possess a plethora of talent, a […]

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An Half-Hour Before The Grammy’s

With very little preparation and scatterbrained composure, I’m writing this love letter to the underdogs and humble pacers. This past year, the music industry lifted it’s magical veil and exposed a vital secret of success: workmanship. Many times, the movers and shakers of a culture don’t see they’re work acknowledged and often that overshadows monumental […]

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#NEWVIBES:Tobi Lou’s “Buff Baby”

The Chicago-based rapper ups his eccentric creativity with a just over minimal array of sounds; from a salt-shaker to light piano reverbs. The adventure-time inspired tune dives deeper into Lou’s whimsical, yet aggressive world of sheer bravado and playful banter. The three-minute track enters with a woman’s vocals reinforcing the chorus to come; “I’m a buff baby but I dance […]

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With all the clout chasers and mumble rapping running Hip-Hop’s new school, sometimes it’s hard to decipher what music is genuine, even if it sounds good. A quick listen to “Loose,” creates a grey area of this constant debacle. The fourth mixtape by Louisville rapper Jack Harlow takes shape initially with a sparkling non-chalance and […]


#NEWVIBES: Ella Mai’s “Trip”

With an immersive piano intro reminiscent to a 90’s Usher track, Ella Mai delights the listener with her buttery vocals, until a few finger snaps and claps humbly escorts an impressive layout of percussion and reverb that plays incredibly well. Ella Mai’s most recent single, “Trip” doesn’t disappoint and cements her minimal pop, hip-hop style. […]

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